POLARIS is a powerful tool for increasing the inflow of bioenergy (life energy) into your body. This device operates on scientific grounds and is a result of research of ingenious scientists Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla. Nowadays, it is undeniable that human beings have electromagnetic features, and those who doubt it, will soon be convinced of it by the application of the POLARIS.

Illness appears at the physical level soon after the deficiency of energy level, resulting in disruption (deadlock) of the energy flow in your body.

POLARIS may be used in such a way as to infuse the energy centers (so-called chakras) which are responsible for supplying the body with vital energy in different regions, or to apply it directly to the painful spots or where a problem occurs.



During the use of the POLARIS, one may experience certain sensations in particular parts of your body, which may be in the form of stronger pain, stitching, aching, pressure, burning and  warming sensation, enhanced bowel function, etc. Those with compromised health will have more conspicuous discomforts.

Do not let this frighten you because it indicates that there is a dysfunction at that point, and that the body is currently activating its forces to fix it. These sensations will gradually diminish until they disappear, that is, until the discomfort has been eliminated totally on that point, and the body has been purged from the collected toxins.

Recommended treatment  should not exceed more than 5-10 minutes for each chakra, starting from the first up to the fifth chakra, and only 3-5 minutes in the sixth and seventh charka (the head region), or even less with older population (2-3 minutes). In one treatment you can do all chakras one after another (one by one). With local spots outside these energy centers, it is even possible to use it for a long time, 20-30 minutes (or even longer if it suits you) 2-3 times a day, for example on painful joints, spine and the like. Before and after the treatment drink a glass of water for the purpose of detoxification. The best part of the day to use the disc is in the morning, to avoid falling asleep with it on your body in the evening. You are advised to find the optimal individual measure for yourself.  The disc may be placed over your clothes having exactly the same effect as being applied directly on the skin. You may treat several points one after another during a single treatment. The disc does not collect any energy as crystals, so its use is limitless. All members of the household may use it, even your pets, as well as your plants. Place the disc under your flower pot or directly onto the plant and watch the effect.

Energy chakras arrangement

  1. CHAKRA: Place the disc, when in a lying position, between your legs, next to the perineum, over your clothes (for hygienic reasons), with the rings directed towards your body. It is a place between the genitals and anus. Another way of doing it is simply to sit on the disc itself.

Indications: all anal infections and infections of the outer sexual organs, menstrual disorders, perimenopausal problems, pruritus (itching of the vagina), vaginitis, vulvitis, urethritis (urinal infections), hemorrhoids, penis pains, impotency, the prostate gland hypertrophy.

  1. CHAKRA: Position the disc on the lower part of the stomach, immediately above the pubic bone, the region above the bladder. This is an important gynecological point.

Indications: All menstrual disorders, vaginitis and vulvitis (intense secrete), pruritus (vulva itching), sterility in both men and women, urinary discomforts, urinary infections, uncontrolled and night urination, prostate hypertrophy, impotency, bowel turgidity, obstipation, diarrhea, intestine dysfunctions (lazy intestines), cramps, kidney problems, lumbago, overall weakness.

  1. CHAKRA: Position the disc above the stomach, right beneath the point which connects rib arches.

Indications: All digestive and gastric disorders, pains in your stomach, ulcer of the stomach, duodenum ulcer, sickness, digestive disorders, meteoric bowels, turgidity in bowels, headache, insomnia, cardiac arrhythmia, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety.

  1. CHAKRA: Position the disc onto the center of your sternum.

Indications: Bronchitis, asthma, coughing, heart problems, chest pains, arrhythmia, breasts pains, anxiety.

  1. CHAKRA: Position the disc onto the lower part of the throat, in the hole above the sternum.

Indications: Thyroiditis, Hypothyroidism-Hashimoto, all dysfunctions of the thyroid, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, problems with the oral cavity, gingivae and teeth, sore throat and tonsils, apoplexy.

 Thyroid gland is believed to be the conductor of the whole body functioning. If it does not function properly, the body organs deteriorate, ageing is accelerated and many other health problems arise. You are recommended to treat this point from 5 to 10 minutes for the purpose of preserving the overall health and prolonged youthful appearance.

  1. CHAKRA: Position the disc on the center of your forehead not longer than 2-3 minutes, or even less with older population!

Indications: Headaches, eye disorders, hearing problems, sinusitis, vertigo.

  1. CHAKRA: Position the disc onto the top of your head, the line which connects the ear top points, no longer than 2-3 minutes, and even a bit shorter with older population!

Indications: An important point for mental disorders, insomnia, all cerebral problems, headaches, apoplexy, spasm, contractures.

OBESITY is treated by positioning the disc daily on the center of the stomach between the navel and sternum for about 5-10 minutes, and by positioning it onto the 5th chakra in the duration of 5-10 minutes, stimulating the thyroid gland which accelerates metabolism and regulates obesity.

Other forms of applications outside chakras are optional depending on the type of the problem and your personal feeling.

As stated above, painful joints and other problematic points may be treated 20-30 minutes once or twice a day.

You can take along the disc or keep it in the house in the room where you spend most of your time, it will purify your space of all kinds of negative energy.

POLARISadditional instructions for application 

You can use the disc at any time of the day, but preferred time to use POLARIS is morning, after your night’s rest, when you can feel all power of POLARIS. Turn the green side, which is without any text, to your skin (although it is equally effective from both sides). Clothes do not diminish its potency. Protective plastic bag also does not diminish the powers of the disc, but it is easier to use if taken out. First 5-10 days it can be applied daily and from thereon, once or twice weekly chakra treatment is sufficient, if you do not prefer more frequent treatments. When placing a bowl with water on the disc, place it in the bag to protect it from scratching. The disc does not lose its efficiency if the protective lacquer is peeled off. It is possible to use a few disks at the same time to save time required for the treatment. You can use POLARIS every day, or in the rhythm which suits you. By the time you fill your body with energy, you will no longer have such violent sensations when using a disc. Your energy channels will simply be purified and your body filled with energy. Diseases will gradually disappear once the energy can freely flow through your body. It is sufficient to place the disk once or twice a day (to each point for 5-10 minutes), possibly to all chakras one after another during a treatment, and additionally 2-3 times a day to more problematic areas (such as: painful spots, spine, joints…)  for 20-30 minutes (and longer if it suits you).  If a body in a particular area of the chakra is problematic, such as prostate or urogenital problems, treat the point to 20 min 2-3 times a day until symptoms improve.

In case of a poor circulation and cold feet, place the disc in sitting position under one and then other feet for 15-20 minutes respectively, 2-3 times a day until symptoms improve.  POLARIS  enhances circulation, accelerates the healing of postoperative wounds and bone fractures several times. Since it is based on natural bio-energy, people with implants and pace makers may safely use it, along with any medical therapy.  It is not recommended to use discs during pregnancy, as pregnancy itself carries certain risks. Pregnant women may be in the vicinity of the disc, drink energized water, but placing it onto their bodies should be performed only after the childbirth. Children should only be treated in cases of particular necessity, as they already have abundant energy levels and do not require daily energy supply.

A very fast way to neutralize  stress is simply to place the palm of your hand onto the disc, close your eyes, or hold it between your hands for a few minutes (for as long as you feel comfortable). You will experience a calming effect in a short time. The same calming effect can be felt by placing the disc on the 3rd spot (chakra), just above your stomach area.  Since our hands, feet and outer ear are actually representations our whole body, placing the disc for a few short minutes onto these spots will result in activation and harmonization of the whole organism. 

If you didn`t have time to do the whole treatment, a very simple way to energize your organism on a daily basis and improve your health is to treat your 1st chakra once or twice daily for 10-15 minutes by simply sitting on the disc either at home, at your work place or where ever convenient.

During the evening hours when we are tired and not concentrated, the use of the disc is not recommended, unless there is a specific need for it.  There is also a possibility of falling asleep with the disc on your body which is not recommended as it may result in overdosing with unpleasant sensations.  If this were to happen (trembling, or daze like state), take a lukewarm shower a few times a day, drink lots of water and pause with the treatment for a few days.  Optimal duration of the treatment is indicated in the accompanying instructions.  You assume your own responsibility by not complying with these instructions.

If you feel an overburdened sensation on you organism, either reduce the length of the exposure or stop the therapy for a few days.  Elderly and persons with compromised health should start the therapy with short exposure of  3-5 minutes per energy center  (chakra) due to their organism’s inability to process a lot of energy all at once.  It is not recommended for the disc to be kept under the pillow or under the bed in which you are sleeping, but rather nearby (optimally 0.5 to 1 m away).  The best way to use the disc is for each person to find the most suitable way.  We all have our own individual needs when it comes to eating or drinking water, and the same principle applies to energy intake. Excessiveness in general does not yield good results.  As we all know very well, solar energy and exposure to the sun are beneficial to our health, but we also know the unpleasant feeling after excessive exposure.  Therefore, our body should not be forced to accept excessive energy, as recovery is gradual and takes time.  There is no need to rush, but we should patiently and with measure daily charge our cells, organism and whole body with energy, prompting it to self-healing in a completely natural way, which is at also the only possible solution.

Dr. Dino Tomic