Polaris is a unique device by means of which you will comprehend your true energy nature. You will be impressed with new findings in the field of vital energy and its fascinating positive effects and impact on every segment of your health and life.

Disc rings may receive or emit energy from the environment, thus multiplying its flow. Rings of POLARIS have been vibrationally harmonized with energy centers (chakras) in our body, creating a harmony within our energy field (aura), which is also reflected to the condition of our physical body, i.e. our health.  The rings are designed following the principle of golden cross-section, the most perfect harmony in nature.

Life energy is all around us.  

Holding POLARIS in your hands you become a supreme healer without a single day of training. POLARIS leads the way from where medicine has stopped.

It simply multiplies the flow of vital energy (bioenergy) into our body and encourages it to cure itself in a completely natural way, which is also the only possible. Essentially, our body includes all the mechanisms of self-healing and all natural remedies with unmistakable effects, which cannot be overdosed.

Problems occur when energy levels are decreased or when the energy inflow is disrupted, which can be successfully compensated for or solved by POLARIS.

The application of POLARIS is manifold. It is used with: all kinds of pain, gynecological and urinary tract discomfort, sterility, premenstrual and menopause problems, weakened libido and potency, hemorrhoids, pains in the spine and joints, obesity, obstipation and intestine problems, pulmonary and cardiovascular problems, thyroid gland dysfunction and sinus problems, headache, insomnia and bad mood…

Presently we have a number of positive feedbacks from the POLARIS users, ranging from ordinary people to people who practise medicine.

POLARIS will bring you back the joy of life in a very short time.

It is necessary to mention that POLARIS will eliminate harmful electromagnetic radiation  from the room you spend time in (living room, bedroom or your office), as well as negative energy directed towards you from other people.  POLARIS an inexhaustible source of vital energy. Just observe the behavior of  your family members or your colleagues at work in the room where you have placed it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

You may take it along in your bag (it is not affected by mobile phones and electric devices), treat a spot on your body if it is necessary regardless of your location, or help somebody. You may even take it into a plane.

Place the polarization disc to the aching spot and feel the change. Occasionally, the pain will increase, but it will soon relieve or completely disappear.

Placing the polarization disc onto the solar plexus (the third chakra, right above your stomach) will calm you down, relax and remove the acute stress, or decrease your high blood pressure in about ten minutes.

If you sleep restlessly, put the disc near your bed and feel the change in your sleeping quality.

Follow your instinct and experiment as much as you wish.

Children and animals react instinctively sensing the good energy vibrations, and very often they will not let you take the disc away from them.

Water your plants from a jug which was placed on the polarization disc for at least half an hour. Another way of doing it is to place the disc directly onto the plant, or under the flower pot, so that it may use its energy. Put the crystal (for example quartz) on the polarization disc and make an energy fountain within the space you are in.

If you place the disc under the dish with some food, particularly industrially- processed food, you will notice its improved taste.

Polarizing disk inverts and sends a wide range of frequencies which even make tap water (often smelling unpleasantly) taste softer, livelier and more energetic.

You may also put a jug of water on the disc.  In 30 minutes you will already get the most powerful healing potion. Instead of drinking dead, useless water, you will drink live and energized water with noticeably improved taste, infused with pure energy, which is essential to your body.   (You can keep a jar of water on the disc all the time and use it for drinking or otherwise as needed). The disc itself does not have any self-radiation, magnetism and alike. Circular rings, made of special complex multi component metal ore, simply enhance, and direct the energy flow which is all around us.

Operation period of the disc is unlimited and it requires no maintenance.

It is nice to know that everything is possible, isn’t it?

The future has already arrived!

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