You can find most of the below mentioned POLARIS users on Facebook and contact and share experiences with them.


Anton Rizman, Ljubljana – Emona

Dear Mr. dr Dino Tomic,

God bless you and your POLARIS. I’ve been using it for two weeks now and I’ve already noticed positive changes in the behavior of my enlarged prostate.

Yours sincerely and all the best

Ljubica Krnac, Erdevik
For three years I felt radiating pain in the head, 2 cm to the left of the top. I screened everything and nothing has been found, while the pain would be only slightly relieved when I took medicines. I used POLARIS for 2-3 minutes at that spot and the pain disappeared completely, that’s incredible. I’m sending you my best regards and I thank you very much.

Javorka Radovic, Belgrade

Dear dr Tomic, thank you so much, because my pain in joints has disappeared by application of POLARIS.

Svetlana Kokotovic, Sabac

I’ve been using the device for almost a year and I am very satisfied, I had frequent inflammations of the bladder, but not since I started using POLARIS. Thank you, you really saved me from my long-standing turmoil. Greetings.

Jasna Radanovic, Lintz

Dear dr Tomic, here I am to tell you about the treatment of thyroid gland with POLARIS. Doctors reduced my dose of medicine from 125mg  to 100mg. This is a great success. I will continue my POLARIS therapy. Geetings from Linz

Darinka Viher, Slovenia

Thank you very much, dr  Tomic … POLARIS rules !!! I have to tell you that I have been using it for two months, and that I have regulated my incontinence. I am very, very satisfied. Have a nice day.

Snezana Korlin, Zagreb

Dear Mr. Dino, With the help of your POLARIS disc I managed to reduce TSH from 30 to 3 in the past six months. I am grateful to you for the POLARIS disc, which is truly perfect. Thank you! Sincerely, and all the best

Emina Dujmovic, Toronto – Canada

Dear Doctor, I wanted to ask you are you coming back to Toronto? I do not want to miss it this time. Anyway, we all use the disc in the family and we can truly say that POLARIS has “magical power”.  We are sending you our greetings

Jan Erik Sigdell, Stocholm, Sweden

My wife bought the disc, and I was skeptical. I suffered from cardiac arrhythmias, and I was planned by my cardiologist for cardiac electrocardiography a couple of days later. My wife placed the disc on my heel (heart chakra), and soon the arrhythmia stopped by itself. And she sleeps better now that POLARIS is next to her pillow. We will continue experimenting with it. Thank you