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Company Details:
Welcome to www.polarisdisc.com, which is owned and opareted by Polaris DD, C.I.F. 108835779, Reg. num.: 63736937, Republic of Serbia.

Caracteristics of the product:

POLARIS Disc supports well being with natural energy. It restores the body’s disrupted energy flows that create illnesses and health issues.

When we lack vital energy, our body cells weakens, and this is when illnesses occur.

The polarization disc is made of metal alloy rings, which work like a satellite antenna. It receives energy from the environment. When you apply Polaris on the body, it redirects the energy to replenish the body’s energy flow, enhancing its capacities to heal naturally.

Ordering and payment:

The Polaris disc can be ordered on this web page – ORDER, by emailing to info@polarisdisc.com,

The total price of Polaris disc is 49€ included VAT, postage and packaging.

Payment options:

– Pay Pal


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Privacy Policy

We respect our customers privacy, therefore we are protecting your personal data. All your details are only used for our customer service, and will not be passed on to any third party.

Your email address will only be used to inform you about the confirmation of your order.

Shipping & Return

Once you order your Polaris disc, you will receive order confirmation via email shortly after. Your Polaris disc will be received 10 to 20 days.

Polarids DD is responsible for any damage of the Polaris disc during delivery.

In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, after experimenting for up to 30 days, a refund is allowed. The return of item is at the expense of the customer. Any damaged product will neither be exchanged nor refunded.

If you decide to return Polaris disc, make sure to do so within 33 days from the day that your order was placed. You will have to inform us before you send the disc back, via email on info@polarisdisc.com.

Disc will be returned to sender’s address.

Customer Service:

For any further queries or information, please contact us via email on info@polarisdisc.com.