Ø 85 mm


Energy that heals and rejuvenates

- Mitigates and removes pain
- Regenerates damaged organs
- Stimulates circulation and nourishment of cells
- Improves health at all levels
- Positively affects animals and plants
- Improves the quality of water and food
- Neutralizes harmful radiation and negative energy in the environment
- Encourages well-being in life

Together with our team of physicians and engineers, we have been studying  the work of great scientists Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky for years. One of the simplest and at the same time the most powerful of their discoveries is POLARIS. We examined this device on the most modern quantum and bioresonance apparatuses, where it showed amazing results which have been further confirmed in its practical application. We have also established a unique way of using the device for improving human health in the world. All the results of our research and written recommendations for using refer exclusively to POLARIS, a disc made according to our technology, and cannot be used for any other product.

All which is stated on this website is the result of numerous personal experiences of  POLARIS users. We hope that your experiences will enrich our already large treasury of knowledge about the effects and possibilities of using this powerful device.

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After achieving huge success in Europe and North America, POLARIS is now also available all around the world.

Author of application of quantum technology

Dr. Dino Tomic, gynecology and obstetrics specialist

For over 20 years, he has been researching other treatments beyond the limits of classical medicine: quantum and bioresonance medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and energy techniques.

Dr. Dino Tomić

Holding POLARIS in your hands you become a supreme healer without a single day of training.

What is POLARIS ?

POLARIS is a unique device operating on scientific grounds which will help you learn about your true energy nature. You will be amazed at your new knowledge about vital energy and its fascinating positive impact on every aspect of your health and life.

POLARIS is a powerful tool for increasing energy and vitality. It simply multiplies the flow of vital energy (bioenergy) into our body and encourages it to cure itself in a completely natural way, which is also the only possible solution. Problems occur when energy levels are decreased or when the energy inflow disrupted, which can be successfully compensated for or solved by POLARIS. Our body includes all the mechanisms of self-healing and all natural remedies with unmistakable effects and they cannot be overdosed.  All we need to do is initiate those self-regulation processes.


POLARIS  collects cosmic (life) energy (prana) and directs it into cells, encouraging them to regenerate and establish their normal functioning. It equally affects all forms of life including: people, animals and plants.

POLARIS is absolutely compatible with all energy centers (chakras) of the human body, establishing the perfect harmony in the energy field (aura), which at the physical level results in perfect physical health.

When your electromagnetic field (aura) is in good condition, you will be protected from external harmful effects, be it microorganisms, harmful radiation, or negative energy sent by other people. POLARIS will make a real protective wall from your aura!


Application of POLARIS is extremely simple:

Place POLARIS on a painful spot and in a short time the pain will decrease or completely disappear.

With POLARIS, improvement can be achieved in almost all aspects of human health, as witnessed by experiences of a large number of users all over the world.

It proved excellent with: all kinds of pain, painful spine and joints, poor circulation and cold extremities, gynecological and urinary tract discomfort,  weakened libido and potency, sterility, hemorrhoids, obstipation and intestine problems, obesity,  pulmonary and cardiovascular problems, thyroid gland dysfunction and sinus problems, headache, insomnia and bad mood…

POLARIS and pets

By applying POLARIS you can instantly help your pets in case of health problems. Bring POLARIS close to your pet and watch it calm and relax in a moment. It often won’t let you take it away, because the animals instinctively feel what is good for them.

POLARIS and plants

Water your plants with energized water which remained for at least half an hour on the disc, or put the disc directly on a plants or under a pot so that they can use its energy. Enjoy your results and their beauty.

POLARIS and water

POLARIS sends a wide range of frequencies which even make tap water (often smelling unpleasantly) taste softer, more lively and more energetic.

You may also put a jug of water on the disc.  In 30 minutes you will already get the most powerful healing potion. Instead of drinking dead, useless water, you will drink live and energized water with noticeably improved taste, infused with pure energy essential to your body.

POLARIS and food

If you place the disc under the dish with some food, particularly industrially- processed food, you will notice how improved and more tolerable its taste will become.

POLARIS and cosmetics

Make your cosmetic products even more efficient.

POLARIS and your environment

Enhance and protect the space where you live from the effects of negative energy and harmful radiation (your home, workplace …)

Now that we have such a powerful tool which can greatly influence our health and long aspects of life, then everything indeed depends only on ourselves.

Operation period of POLARIS is not limited and no additional maintenance is required. The disc does not lose its efficiency if the green protective lacquer is damaged and peeled off.

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